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1917 - Sam Mendes

The 2019 film of 1917s world war one was a fantastic film on many regards and was well received around the bored.

I was lucky enough to work with some of the greens team from Pinewood studio that worked on the film last summer and heard many stories of them getting the Salisbury plains ready for shooting.

The detailed the meticulousness of the director and DOP on every portion of the area from how large the crater holes were and how they looked from above if they were realistic or two perfect.

They spoke about how they had to dye the water regularly between shots to maintain the murky look as the water would slowly drain away!

They spoke about how the stones would need to be racked back and set back between takes to keep continuity. This was my first experience hearing of how precise the work being done was and was amazing to hear how they worked so accurately in a high pressure environment.

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