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My First Blog

Hello everybody!!

As I've started my second semester in my first year of university my new module for the year Production design has prompted us to start and maintain a blog for the course of the year and beyond to hopefully display and enhance our artistic style.

So here goes....

As prompted in class we were to share what we considered to be a classic sense of what we found appealing to look at and why here were my submissions

- Here was my first example with the use of orange and teal or blue colours creates a nice appealing colour pallet

This is one of my own photos taken amidst a hail storm in Rosmuc Connemara my home town.

- My second example was combing both of my favourite things that teal and orange vibe with a landscape photography environment!

The leading line of the road from the bottom right leads your eye directly to the centre frame to the beautifully placed church.

This photo provided by @ju_sky_rouans on Instagram.

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